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Two new member groups

Last week the duly signed membership application for EU-AS and WF was returned.
So we now one new member group.

Moscow Public Organization of Jewish Survivors of Ghettos and Concentration Camps
4/12 Timiryazevskaya Str. Moscow 127422 Russia
Tel. + 7 495 611 1219
Fax + 7 499760 7009

Chairman: Simon Gologorsky
Alexander Dashevsky, head of commission on social services coordination


Here is the information about the new group that […]

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New board members as per May 2015

During our meeting of May 2015, both Mrs Miriam Griver (Israel) and Dr Jacques Barth (The Netherlands) have been appointed to Executive Board member of the European Association of JSH&D.

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Online exhibition Jewish Child Survivors

An interesting website about Child Survivors:

They write: This site is a tribute to those who lost their childhood in the Shoa and for whom their whole life was a struggle with the consequences of the survival. It is part of the exhibition shown in Berlin in Centrum Judaicum in August 2014, parallel to the 26th conference of the World […]

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Claims Conference website for compensation

If you want to know more about possibilities of compensation, visit

The Claims Conference negotiates for compensation payments and aid to victims of Nazi persecution and for the return of and restitution for Jewish-owned property. They administer individual compensation programs for Nazi victims. Read more on their website

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New committee members of World Federation of JCSH&D

EU-AS president Max Arpels Lezer, The Netherlands has been elected to executive Vice President of the World Federation JCSH&D.
Dr Jacques Barth, The Netherlands has been elected to member of the Executive Committee of the World Federation of JCSH&D.

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Photos of the Berlin Conference WFJCSH&D August 2015

Mel Boas took a lot of nice pictures of the Berlin Conference. They can be seen on

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Impressions from the Berlin conference August 2014

Report of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants
Berlin Hilton, 24-27 August, 2014
Written by Jacques Barth

The opening

“Here we are again!” This is the way Max Arpels Lezer opened the yearly congress of the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants (WFJCSH&D) on August 24th, 2014, in Berlin, under its motto “Justice, […]

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World Federation Conference in Houston, October 2015

The World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust and Descendants in cooperation with EU-AS and Generations of the Shoah International (GSI) hold a conference in Houston Texas, USA, on Friday October 9 – Monday October 12, 2015

For more information visit

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You were just a child; you don’t even remember the suffering

Dear Max,

“You were just a child; you don’t even remember the suffering.”

As a child survivor of the Holocaust, Stefanie Seltzer is used to hearing this. Child survivors, she said, have long dealt with this added stigma and have special issues and needs, which is why she created the World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust (WFJCSH) more than […]

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President of the European Association of Survivors knighted

On April 29, the day before Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands’ Official Birthday, Max Arpels Lezer, president of the EUAS, was amongst the 62 people presented with the documents and insignia of a knighthood by the Acting Mayor of Amsterdam.

Max was born in Assen (Holland) in 1936. He spent most of World War II in the province of Friesland, living […]

Mission Statement

We represent the European Jewish Survivors of the Holocaust. During the Nazi period, we were persecuted and being forced to live in Ghettos, in Camps and in Hiding.

Some of us were also on the run, all over Europe, trying to escape from Nazi persecution.

Our goal is to represent the interests of all Jewish Survivors now living in Europe.

We shall support each other, and shall keep alive the memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

We shall pass on our legacy to future generations.

We shall fight anti-Semitism.